Dienstag, November 30

Sonntag, November 28

Isaura - In Black And White

I spent a lot of time with my best friend Isaura and as her camera had a full loaded battery for ones we took quite much pictures, some of them I'd like to share

Donnerstag, November 18

S.O.S - Models gesucht!

Das hier geht an alle aus Berlin und Umfeld:

Ich bin ab 27. November in BERLIN und sucht verzweifelt  

Mädels die vor meiner Kamera rumspringen wollen, da ich nicht mehr soo viele Leute in Berlin kenne..
Wer interesse hat oder eine Freundin die umbedingt mal abgelichtet werden sollte weil sie so hübsch/interessant ist, einfach anschreiben!! 

Keine falsche Scheu, ich freue mich über jede Nachricht und jedes Komentar.


This is for people from Berlin, because I'm going to spend the next month there and I need models (:

Mittwoch, November 17

Yearbook Ideas

As I'm a part of the yearbook team this year, well the only student acutally,  I made up the idea that every class designs his own page so it gets a bit more personal and you can really remember what happend this year. My class and I had the plan of doing 
individual crime photos from everyone, her's my example, 
hope you like the idea!! :)

Donnerstag, November 11

Princess lost in Translation

Another one with white face, the opinions about that photos with white faces are very diffrent, some of the people like them others hate them.. 
Well I love the feeling to be someone else (of course not for too long) and this makes me apriciate the painted faces and costumes!

Mittwoch, November 10

Pretty boring in Pink

Yesterday I just had the need to hold my camera in my hands and so I thought of something special but had no real ideas, thats why I simply choose to put on  
pink lipstick

Afterwords I apilied a filiter, 
nothing really original, sorry