Mittwoch, Februar 23

Owl means me..

.. me means Owl

                                                               Wenn ich eine Eule wäre,
                         dann wäre ich..
                         ich, dann wäre ich

Ich habe einen totalen Eulentick, aber das liegt wohl in der    Familie, ich finde dies majestetischen Tiere sollten unter die Top ten alles lieblings Tiere, mit ihren riesen Augen und dem einzigartigen Gefieder, als Tiere der Nacht..

Sonntag, Februar 20

London/ 2

 London eye by night

 Walking though London, joking around and all the people looking at us like we're mad

 Kids have to be under 10 years... what a disapointment


Samstag, Februar 19

London/ 1

 Day one of my trip to LONDON with my bestfriend Isa last year, I know it's quite long ago but I never found the time to show you all the picture I made there, 
I hope you enjoy watching!

 I was quite obsessed with the neon prints and the red buses..

 The buying part defenetly was realised, the thing is that I think that it weren't really british brands :)

 My beautiful Isa at Camden Look Market

 Time really passes by to fast!!

Mittwoch, Februar 16

Self - Red Lips

Well that seems to be me in 2011.
Apolonia Woodpecker now 18 years old about to get 19 quite soon a self taught hobby photographer from Berlin who lived for seven years in Spain, 
guess that's all you have to know.

(I love smoke and cigaretts on photos)

Donnerstag, Februar 3


I start to take boring shoots of myself again..

Good that I have something planed with the adorable Asira
I'm sure you remember her
So you have a reason to be corious   :)