Montag, April 18

Latest Self Portraits

The quieston of who am I? is essential in our minds
Every day we are supposed to get the opportunity to invent ourselfs new, but there's not even a bunch of people who take this challenge/ honor.. and eventhough we try we forget it way to often, that's sad

 Sometimes it feels like behind my eyes there is a hole different world

Down down it goes, right behind, the high high

I know it's a kind of wierd combination of random pictures,
but aren't we, ourselfs, made of only this combinations


  1. Lony, simplemente ESPECTACULAR!
    viele liebe Küsse

  2. Me ecanta el blog, te sigo sin duda.
    Las fotos que tienes son preciosas, te dejo el mio por si quieres pasarte :
    un besazo